* Bill only does chip repairs. If you need a new windshield Bill recommends : Apex Auto Glass 831-801-9577

One chip repaired $60.
Additional chips $10 each on same windshield

* Bill comes to your home or workplace.

* Most repairs take around 40 minutes.

* Removal of windshield is not necessary.

Your car is ready to drive immediately after the repair!

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A chip in the windshield is a broken windshield.
Due to the process of using pressure and vacuum cycles to repair laminated auto glass and the unstable properties of already broken glass, the damaged area may develop additional cracks or existing cracks may increase in length during the repair attempt.  These problems are very rare and occur in less than 1% of all windshield repairs performed, but  they can happen  In the unlikely event that the repairman  cannot repair the damage to your satisfaction or the damage grows in length either during the repair process or anytime following the completion of the repair.
The repairman’s liability is limited to a refund of any amount charged for the repair.

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