How I Repair Windshields

About Chip Repair
Bill's Here!

I repair your windshield by replacing the air in the break with a specially formulated optically matched liquid resin. When I am satisfied that all of the air in the break has been replaced by resin, I cure the resin using an ultraviolet light, cure time is typically 5 minutes.

At the completion of the curing process, the resin is then polished so that it is flush with the surface of the windshield. The repair process restores the structural strength of the windshield and ensures that the chip does not crack out; thereby eliminating the need for future windshield replacement. The visual appearance of the damaged area will be significantly improved (80% to 90%) as the resin replaces the air in the crack and less refraction is evident; however there will always be some slight scarring where the crack occurred.
Windshield repair is a structural repair with cosmetic benefits.

Un-repaired rockchips usually crack out. Have you priced the cost of a new windshield lately? Most long cracks on windshields begin life as tiny chips! Chips bigger than a quarter are difficult to fix, so fix yours before it grows or becomes contaminated – leading to permanent discoloration of your windshield. If you can cover any of your chips with a quarter, I can repair them!